It is with great pleasure, I officially welcome and announce the commencement of our great company LUMMIES WORLD ENTERTAINMENT. Every great brand has a beginning and it takes determination, hard work, perseverance to maintain a good level in delivering and being exceptional in all areas.
We have also taken into consideration the importance of maintaining a good standard in meeting the needs of the general public at large. Your passions help us all to unite and the energy we create is what allows us to achieve our individual as well as group goals. We need you as much as you need us and that why we are eager to deliver to the best of our ability.

LUMMIES WORLD ENTERTAINMENT is a brand set to revive and portray the importance of our heritage and impacts it has created in us all. Our heritage is our pride, that can never be contested or forgotten.

OUR VISION is to bring back the Glory, Heritage and Pure Undiluted Richness of our Culture that speaks of our strength and togetherness through our beautiful image…

OUR MISSION is to restore the beautiful pride of Nigeria and Africa as a whole by creating a platform that celebrate their true believe and Heritage for being outstanding.
Together we can build a future that will forever lay a major emphasis and appreciation to what has made us unique till date. Our visions, goals and mission clearly states that. Once again thank you for believing in us. Together we can showcase our strength to the world.


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